He said he liked the unexpected…

TV Double-Domme Elite Experience coming soon…
December 22, 2016
Great Minds think alike!
February 9, 2017
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After my first session I thought it only polite to extend my appreciation to the best Mistress I have ever had the pleasure to serve.

From arriving and being told to walk round the block for ten minutes sent goosebumps throughout and heart racing, then arrive at dungeon door to be instantly overpowered hand cuffed blindfolded and gagged, never having met this fine lady only email briefly. Led up stairs into the unknown then stripped of all my possessions and clothes. For three hours I was then used and abused ranging from predicament bondage to full on strap on penetration, along with the highlights of being locked in chastity and having mistress so close to me as she covered me in her lovely champagne (twice) then after such highs I was strapped to bondage chair and abused further. Strangely left restrained while Mistress tidied up thinking session was coming to an end, how wrong to judge!!! Mistress collected my phone car keys and wallet and proceeded to leave telling me she would return later leaving me in the dark restrained and helpless, never before have I felt panic that a stranger really had me under there total control, thankfully Mistress eventually returned and released me sending me on my way!

An absolute must for anyone wanting to try that little bit more than standard slapped bum and nipple grab stuff. A very powerful young lady not to be messed with!!!!

Slave fraser…