23rd LOcktober
October 23, 2018
26th October – a predicament of the senses…
October 30, 2018
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A fantastic afternoon was had yesterday as a long-term submissive, and event attendee, returned for a few hours of fun. As a dedicated server I ensured Joeline dressed herself appropriately in a maid’s outfit before undertaking a couple of chores for me. I will get a picture next time as she looks adorable in her ‘uniform’.

Once she’d proved her subservience and I’d put my latex on I allowed her to wriggle into her favourite latex catsuit and show Me her new hoods and corset! We both looked hot and rubbery!!!

Joeline had made a Nuru gel mixture up and after shining each other very thoroughly we began to experiment with the Japanese art of full body on body massage! As you can imagine this became very messy, slippery and fucking sexy! Shame I had to take my latex off to get a proper slide…