10th October; chastity slaves and Champagne before breakfast!!!

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October 11, 2018
Chastity Slaves Contract
October 17, 2018
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After an extremely busy fortnight of My BDSM events, Double Domme sessions, overnight stays and shopping trips I am in need of a couple of days of quiet! However, I couldn’t help but find it incredibly amusing when I was asked could a chastity client bring his key around with a contract!

I ordered some Champagne from him and told him to be quick. He presented his cage and gifts to Me and will be under lock and key until February. (Picture on Twitter and next blog post!) As I read and ammended his already-signed contract over breakfast, another slave called asking to bring a woman over to do some topless housework for Me!

Oh goodness, there is no rest for the wicked! I shall be taking a break for a couple of days now and resuming My Blog posts next week!