27th October – Double Domme foot slaves

Predicament Bondage
October 30, 2018
Happy Halloween!
October 31, 2018
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A highlight of the week is always working with Mistress Zephyr – so our little foot slave recieve a lovely relaxed session where neither of us worry about time or feel any need to let the poor boy go! It’s great watching each other be worshipped and bounce ideas off each other how to treat or challenge our service bitch. One of our favourite ideas was to train him up on really pleasuring a woman with his tongue – using an orange and teaching him the important parts to pay attention to of the female genitalia. next time we’ll train him up in male genitals too!

Later a new sissy joined us and wore some grgeous underwear in order to entertain us. If ever you really want to please us, all you have to do is book a Double Domme session and feel the delight of being our toy; an hour is only £200 and if you happen to bring sushi and prosseco we don’t watch the clock, we just party together using you as a thing with which we can play!