Monday 12th November; Breaking a nation

Happy Halloween!
October 31, 2018
Tuesday 13th November; breaking in Ponies!
November 14, 2018
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My little hobbit ‘Frodo’ is just an ironic name; this stoic, Scandinavian is built broad and serious. Having visited Me every time he has been to England I am beginning to get accustomed to the cultural norm of expressionless and unyielding. I’ve merely seen this as a challenge though, and this time with electrics in his ass and tense pads on his balls, it was a joy to see him flinch and spasm from afar while he was tied into my torture chair! I felt great joy and satisfaction at the mental and physical predicament as I made him wank his cock but timed his shocks by giving him an out loud countdown. In true form though, even after his spoiled orgasm he returned to his resolute and stolid manner, stating that I was a “good” Mistress and he was “happy”. Under the circumstances I will take the praise with gratitude!!!