Tuesday 13th November; breaking in Ponies!

Monday 12th November; Breaking a nation
November 13, 2018
15th November – Citizen’s arrest and the Quest for Freedom
November 16, 2018
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A really busy day today so only the highlights can be documented here!

When lovely Joeline came and dressed in stunning Cathouse latex catsuit and waist clincher, I was inspired to do some Pony Play. I then found out there was a pony head in her bag! Albeit a silly fun mask the overall impact was great, so I donned my jodpurs, horse riding at and boots, whip and crop and strapped My new Black Beauty onto My carriage. We drove down to some local stables and I brought her to meet some real stallions. I told her I was choosing one to breed her with, then brought her back to the lab for the insemination process!!! Black Beauty did very well and I made sure she ate plenty of carrots as a reward.

Later, I was booked to join the stunning Mistress Desire to ‘brutalise’ one of her regulars! We spent a good few hours doing what she had never done before to him… anally raping him beyond the bearable…using him as a toilet and ridiculing and torturing him until he was crawling off the spanking bench! We had a fantastic time together and I look forward to more!


Groomed and shiny latex pony

Horse strapped into Carriage

Outdoors at the stables picking a Stallion!