Jailbird’s review from 15th November

15th November – Citizen’s arrest and the Quest for Freedom
November 16, 2018
20th November -a big-headed slut!
November 22, 2018
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“Be careful what you wish for …” was sent frm the client after the citizen’s arrest on 15th November. Thanky uo for tking the time to express your gratitude, jailbird!

“I had requested a no way out session – wow – kidnapped by a very sexy officer of the law who with her accomplice took me to their detention centre and then tortured me until I confessed to my crimes.
I was then transferred under supervision to Femdom Jail where I was cuckolded in a stress position, caged and then tortured further.

Mistress really enjoys her work and provided one of the best sessions of my life – I will leave out the specifics of my ordeal but let’s just say It was the most genuine Mind Fuck in 30 years of scene experience for me.

Yes Officer – I will definitely be back!”