22nd November – Breaking in a ‘Newb’

20th November -a big-headed slut!
November 22, 2018
23rd November – BLACK FRIDAY!
November 22, 2018
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I am very experienced in the arts of BDSM and fetish, from the mildly kinky to outrageous exploits of Bondage, Domination and Sadism. Therefore, when novices come to Me I know how to help them discover their fantasies, new deisres and push their limits to make them feel they have achieved and impressed in their session.  This is exactly how I treated My newbie yesterday and he manaed so well that I was able to trial lots of different experiences and sensations on him.

The phrase “tie and tease” is like the term “Domination” it can involve so many different things, someetimes the simlest, the best.  So armed wth pegs, boots, vibrators, gags and blindfolds I set to work to give this novice an intense introduction to the world of Fem-Domme! The poor thing ddn’t stop shaking with excitemnt all the way through, by the end he was like a washing machine, which made an interesting new development on human furniture!!!