23rd November – BLACK FRIDAY!
November 22, 2018
On the edge of desire…
August 9, 2019
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Thursday 25th July

A regular client who loves it when I think out of the box: Dressed as a Comanche Warrior My white-man was lead through the woods with his ankles tied, unsure, but suspicious, about the lengths I would go to for his demise! The Comanches were renown for their horrible tortures, so I tied him to tree and begun to use a knife to draw a line right around his body from sholder, to underneath his foot, back up to meet where it began. Then I did this an inch away from the first line… both faint, but he felt the blade, teasing him psychologically and physically.

Then I used antisceptic so that he could feel both even more and it would mimc the skinning of captives of which the Comanches were so fond.

Another favourite prolonged-death torture was burning alive, so I covered him in deep heat and built a fire in front of him. Remember how hot it has been this week? My poor captive sweated as I undressed in front of him and made him watch as I paddled in the cool, refreshing stream.

Epic session!!!