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August 9, 2019
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August 11, 2019
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Wednesday 6th August

Despite having worked out for years, training in M.A, weight lifting and strength training I’ve been lazy this summer. So it was a surprise to me when a returned client who enjoys lift & carry sessions visited today and I excelled myself!

Maybe the rest has done me good as I managed to deadlift him for about 8 sets with up to 3-5 reps each, using straps around his body. I discovered using my forearms were best as I could lift him higher and use my large glutes more!!!

As one does when presented with a load of useless male meat, I fireman-carried him around before piggy-backing him back and forth. To extend the length and distance I carried him for I started going up the stairs. This was loads of fun as I could really feel my thighs working, so repeated this and up and down a few times before we ended the session! The next morning was interesting, but as I warmed up through the day I was ready to take on more men!