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August 10, 2019
Wednesday 20th November
November 20, 2019
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Thursday 7th August

What a busy day! An online booking was made from a profile with great feedback on My Adultwork profile so I knew I was going to start with some fun! Even though he had seen plenty of full-on sex escorts I could see he had taken strap on, so I prepared all my favourite anal toys, including electric probes to make sure he remembered this experience! You can see in my feedback from today that he did! But then we both had loads of fun!

Later a real submissive slut came to me in a horny emergency to get his ass fucked, and unlike my usual style, I allowed him to have a half hour because he was obviously so desperate – he paid in full ahead! However, a half hour with me is never enough, even though I made sure to fuck his face and his ass and then held his head down with my stilleto as he licked up his cum, you could tell he wanted to spend longer in My presence. Who wouldn’t! Be warned, if ever I even allow you to book and pay ahead for a session less than an hour, you’ll only leave wanting more…

To finish the day I had a really good mummification, tease and denial, while edging the poor bound-up boy. He writhes and moaned in just the way I like them to, until I rolled him over onto his side.

From there I could massage his prostate with love beads and wank him after the massive build up of teasing his cock for an hour. The magic wand wedged between his thighs onto his balls and pereneum must have increased the intensity. I noticed the curled up position meant if he shot his load well it would hit him in the face, so I made him stick his tongue out – and guess what?!


The cum hit his cheek just above his mouth and dribbled quickly into it so he could lick his lips under my command!

What a bitttcccchhhh!!!

Funnily enough once I removed his gimp hood at the end of the session, I realised he was a return client, but since he hadn’t mentioned it on the phone I hadn’t noticed until the end! Well, it made me laugh!