Wednesday 20th November
November 20, 2019
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Often a Dominatrix is praised for “Getting into…” a submissives “…head.”

(N.B I’m using the term ‘submissive’ to cover different types of visitors even though not everyone is a ‘sub’, within the session they can be referred to as such.)

At this point in My lifestyle as a Mistress, I have begun to reflect on this in a variety of ways. I hope to make a few blog entries on this, as you can see – most of My session types have been covered throughout the years, so I will use this as a stimulus to write. I will try to be as honest as possible here, about the types of mental understanding and control I believe has been achieved and describe the affects. Therefore I can delve deeper into the different aspects of the psychological element of BDSM. Feel free to contact Me with any thoughts!

Firstly when one achieves in providing a mental domination, as a ‘Domme’ it feels as good as it does for the submissive, it really is a bonding of minds on a sexual or BDSM level. Some people are more natural than others; I always observed on the fetish scene at events that subs that took the role of Dominant, briefly, did a wonderful job. Mostly they would know exactly what to say or do to create a fear, or lust, or humiliation that went straight to the point of their play partner’s desire.

Similarly I feel I have improved my game in the dungeon by allowing myself to experience the submissive side with a few select Doms. (No boys, don’t bother ask, I hand picked who I trusted and have no urges to keep submitting!) As well as simple things such as how physical things felt, I understood how the words, phrases, questions and the timing of them could be key to messing with someones’ mind, on a much deeper level.

So those are my thoughts for now… I’ll post when I have more!

Merry Christmas,

Princess Pervette

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