Leeds Mistress – Princess Pervette


If you truly want to show your devotion to Princess Pervette, why not give Her the key to your cock?  This way both you and your Princess know it is impossible for you to be the filthy little pervert you want to be without asking Her permission to unlock you.  It’s also a fantastic time to prove your efforts for Mistress’ grace for being released, and rest assured, Princess will not emancipate your worthless tool unless you have really impressed Her!

As a true Fem-Dom, Princess Pervette has a range of devices available for Chastity, from the simple metal “Bird Cage” to the all-encasing plastic “CB” products. There are even designs to incorporate a Prince Albert piercing. Mistress can provide Her preferred device if given the measurements of your flaccid prick, or you can supply your own for a discounted rate; as long as Princess Pervette deems it secure enough!

Before your cock is finally locked away, Princess will discuss with you the terms and conditions of time, chores and rewards so that you will be fully satisfied with this experience.  It is recommended for the newly chaste to have very short periods of time in one of Princess’ Chastity devices, so it would be necessary to make sure you have time to visit for regular checks on your pathetic genitalia.

Organising your Chaste lifestyle:

Princess can be contacted to discuss preferred models, advice and guidance as well as listening to your ultimate desire for Chastity.