Leeds Mistress – Princess Pervette



Princess Pervette also loves to session with Her sadistically-talented friends.

Our Double-Domme sessions are not for the faint-hearted, but they are suitable for worthless sluts, bitches and gimps!

Together, two Mistresses combine their skills, integrate their imaginative and creative ideas and basically enjoy themselves to their victims’ detriment.

Inspiring each other in torture, bondage and humiliation techniques, these two are definitely a force that is more than the sum of its parts; with these Double-Domme sessions you get twice the Dominatrix, quadruple the pain!

My slave-girl

At the heel of every powerful Woman, there’s a sexy little bitch, trained to do Her bidding!  My slave-girl loves to see Me work, help Me with My equipment and teasing of My subs. However, her favourite game is to get My subs in trouble – watching them for Me and reporting when they are not following instructions. Being supremely of the Female gender, she is capable of many skills, fetishes, perversions and punishments, whether taking them or administering them on My demand!

Sometimes her behaviour requires punishment, to keep her in line; I may lock her away, perhaps allowing her to watch how I am treating My subs and slaves to tease her. If she really forgets her place she will feel the nasty side of My flogger, whip or cane! Alternatively when natasha is a good girl in My sessions, she may be rewarded…