Leeds Mistress – Princess Pervette


footworshipYou’ve finally found where you belong!

My feet are divine; your place is beside them.

Whether I choose to wear stockings, stilettos, boots or bare My feet nude, you will feel comforted and reassured by their presence. I may instruct you to pamper them for Me after a tiring day, or I may decide to take out My aggression on you – trampling or wrestling you so that you feel My footprints on your body for days.

Your bruises will bring out the nostalgia of how it felt to have Me towering over you, peering down at your helpless form as I hold my foot above you…

Or I may decide to be nice – My feet are very versatile, I can tease you with My toes in a plethora of ways. Only when you come to worship at My feet will you privileged enough to find out how!

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If you would like to worship the Princess in the manner She is accustomed, please visit her bookings page for more information on how to get in touch!