Leeds Mistress – Princess Pervette


Smoking Fetish Sessions in Leeds and West Yorkshire

There is nothing better than relaxing with a high-quality cigarette while My sub girl or a male slave acts as My footstool! Getting the chance to unwind after a long day of tormenting pathetic men really means the world to Me. Of course, I love to torment men while I let the long tendrils of smoke fall away from My luscious lips. It is an act that can be performed in a variety of ways, all of which greatly please Me.

Picture this: you are kneeling at My feet, your eyes feasting on My gorgeous stockinged legs and perfect dress. I lift the cigarette to My lips as I recline in My armchair and take a long drag. I exhale and you watch as the smoke curls around My deep green eyes and beautiful dark hair. Perhaps you enjoy the thought of My lips wrapping around the delicate cigarette, or the whole refined image of Princess smoking in order to tease and tempt you. You will have to go out into public trying to explain the lingering scent on your clothes, a last whisper of your encounter with Me…

Smoking is a hypnotising and intensely erotic act that I enjoy performing. Watching a man squirm while I blow smoke rings in his face makes Me extraordinarily happy! There is an air of elegance and grace about a woman who smokes, much like the images of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It is truly an indulgent and exciting fetish with a hint of naughtiness, and I’m more than happy to allow you to serve Me in such a fashion.

Scheduling a Smoking Fetish Session with Princess Pervette

Princess is available for intense and luxurious smoking sessions for the capnolagniacs out there. Whether you wish to watch Her smoke or use you as an ashtray, you can indeed serve Her in this intimate manner. Please see the Contact page for more information about getting in touch!