Leeds Mistress – Princess Pervette


Cross-Dressing sissies and sluts

CDs and TVs of the World – Serve Princess Pervette Now!

Male cross-dressing remains a deep fetish for a good number of men, it is not only for transvestites. Some men dream of transforming into a charming, alluring, and sexy woman. As well they should! These men know that women are the superior sex and their wish to emulate them is admirable! Sadly, the erotic and taboo nature of this experience means that those who may have such desires often quash them for fear of being judged. To that, Princess says “No more!” If you are in Leeds or West Yorkshire, she can make this dream come true. You can visit Princess and serve Her as a perfect CD or TV. Being able to relax in an atmosphere of proper servitude and female adoration is not to be missed!

Perhaps you want your external appearance to match how you feel on the inside. If there is a sultry, sensual, and cheeky girl hiding under the surface, then Princess Pervette wants to help bring her out! She delights in exploring the fantasies of men who want to get a taste of what it’s like to be a beautiful and naughty woman.

But what if you don’t want to become a girl? What if cross-dressing is the ultimate perceived punishment that is doled out for disappointing the Princess? If you aren’t tough enough to handle what Princess gives to you, then perhaps you aren’t the big strong man that you want everyone to think that you are! Whimper from just a touch of the cane? Sob at the idea of a spanking? Princess will immediately sort you out with one of Her finest sissy dresses and wigs.

Many men don’t think that there is a girl deep down inside them, but all it takes is a little coaxing from Princess Pervette in order to draw out their inner sissy. If you’ve been naughty and She gets wind of it, you may find yourself in a compromising little number as you become her slut slave!

That’s just the beginning – Princess will find a unique and useful position for you once you have been transformed into the perfect girl. Maybe you will serve Her and Her friends tea while you wear a gorgeous dress and a chastity device. Perhaps you’ll be put to work in a tiny French maid costume. Intimate waxing, make-up and nail sessions can also be arranged. No matter what your desires, Princess can accommodate you and help you to serve Her in the best way you possibly can.

Arranging a CD/TV Session with Princess:

Do you have what it takes to serve Princess as a sissy slave? Princess likes to hear from CD/TVs and loves it when they contact Her in order to arrange a session! She can accommodate you at the Leeds Chambers or Her own private dungeon. Please look at the Bookings page for more information about how to get in touch!