Leeds Mistress – Princess Pervette


A Mistress always appreciates a good toilet slave. Are you ready to serve Her in such an intimate fashion?

Princess loves to stay fit, so She takes regular exercise, eats a healthy diet and tries to stay hydrated. That’s great news for the worthy piss whores of Yorkshire! She loves to use her toilet box as a way of treating submissives with Her warm, amazing champagne. Could you relish the honour of Princess using your face as Her toilet?  This can be the ultimate reward at the end of a session, a degrading ordeal of humiliation or a prolonged servitude of being Her toilet boy, drinking up all Her delicious juices!

There are other watersports activities that she likes to play during sessions, but you will need to ask Her about those in person! A Princess never gives away all Her secrets, you know!

Watersports Sessions in Leeds and West Yorkshire:

You can contact Princess via the Bookings page for more information on this incredibly intimate way of serving Her.