Leeds Mistress – Princess Pervette


Waxing and Beauty Services with Princess Pervette!

Princess knows that little subbies must suffer for beauty, but she considers it Her goal to make you look as lovely as possible! Perhaps you want to suffer under the hand of a beautiful trained aesthetician as she removes hot wax from your body. Maybe you want to please Princess by learning how to apply eye makeup, blush and lipstick with a skilled hand.

She knows that traditional beauty parlours and spas often don’t understand the deep emotional needs that sissies, subbies and gurls associate with beauty treatments. No matter what beauty service you require, Princess can provide it!


Princess is proud to team up with Ruthless Waxing in order to provide subs, slaves and sissies with a much needed service. Imagine baring your most intimate parts to Princess as She watches her trained partner apply wax to your body and rip it all off of you. Perhaps you’re nervous. After all, waxing can be painful! However, you will please Her as you suffer through the irritation and pain of a waxing session. If you need bondage, restraint, gags and blindfolds to help relax you then that is Princess’ forte! Afterwards, you will be smooth and silky! It’s the perfect service for a sissy who is looking to emulate the superior female sex. The Princess and Ruthless Wax team can wax your arms, back, chest, legs and genital areas during such sessions.

Please do not come to the session if you have recently shaved, as this will make waxing impossible or difficult.

Beauty Services

Would you like Princess to help you with your hair and makeup? Come to Her for a special Beauty Session! You will receive instruction in hair styling, wig styling and makeup application. You’ll discuss topics such as skin tone, preferred makeup shades and even brands that you can seek out for use after the session is over. Princess will show you how to look like a real lady or a wanton slut, whichever you prefer! She loves to help budding sissies and seasoned veterans with their makeup and hair, and considers it a real achievement to take you from a pathetic subbie to a gorgeous gurl over the course of a session.

Please understand that this is <i>not</i> a sissy-style play session – you must arrange a special session with Her in order to engage in this type of service.

Arrange a Beauty or Waxing Session with Princess Pervette!

If you’re serious about becoming the prettiest sissy you can be, then why not get in touch with Princess about these services? If you cannot meet Her at the chambers or Her private dungeon, you can also visit the Isis Quest T-Girl Party on Thursdays in order to indulge in such luxuries! Just remember your manners, as you are in the presence of a Princess!

Visit the bookings page for more information on how to get in touch with Princess Pervette and arrange a meeting.