Leeds Mistress – Princess Pervette

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Be in the presence of the Divine in an instant!

Are you short of time? Find it difficult to travel to Mistress? Then find ‘instant gratification’ with the click of your mouse; Princess Pervette is now on webcam and phonechat! However, just because you can now feel in the presence of this stunning Dominatrix doesn’t mean you’ll get everything you desire – the art of the FoneDom Webcamatrix is to tease, humiliate, dominate and deny.  Online sessions can be half hour to a full day, on and off camera, or revisited at intervals during the day so you always know you are at the mercy of the Princess.  Feel under total control with orders from this Beauty, just by picking up the phone!

By prior request Princess Pervette can have slaves on webcam so you can watch their demise, torture and bondage.  This is a great way to build a rapport with Princess Pervette so you can truly belong. If you are a novice to BDSM you can use this time to acquaint yourself with the behaviour expected of you in a one-to-one session, prior to serving Princess Pervette in Her full glory.

Booking time Online or Phone Dom:

To hook-up on Webcam/Phonechat session, use the bookings page for contacting Mistress on by phone or E-mail. Calls are on your mobile rate for arranging times to session